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FREAKING AWESOME This is our Lastname
"firmitas, utilitas, venustas" Execution is Key

    Maintenance and Improvements over the legacy website (Java/Infrastructure/Support)

  • Blink Bid

    Website for creative professionals built with Ruby on Rails, deployed on Heroku. We helped iron out the structure and add new features.

    Cm42 blinkbid
  • Bidu

    Maintenance and Improvement of existing startup product (Rails/maintenance)

  • Riot Games

    League of Legends Tournament Management Site - Joga Junto

    Riot jogajunto
  • Vote na Web

    App and Infra optimisation. Both performance, stabilisation and outstanding bug fixes (Rails, AWS)

    Cm42 votenaweb

    Integrating with existing offshore teams (Rails/legacy/improvement)

  • Rubyconf Brasil

    Co-Founder Fabio Akita organizes the annual Rubyconf Brasil since 2008. This 9th edition in 2016 brings almost 90 speakers from all over the world and more than 1,000 developers

    Rubyconfbr 2016
  • Cidade Democrática

    Project Rescue and revamping of the entire community site (Rails/legacy/upgrade and improvements)

  • Revmob

    App and Devops optimisation. Billing reduction of at least 50% (Rails, JRuby, Node.js)

  • Leroy Merlin

    New Front-end development (example: Inspire-se section, responsive HTML5/CSS3/JS)

    Cm42 leroymerlin
  • Locaweb's New Payment Gateway

    Brand new highly scalable payment gateway built from scratch for Locaweb (Ruby/Goliath/infrastructure/greenfield project)

  • A Lavadeira

    Zero friction laundry delivery system, the Netflix for laundry (Rails/greenfield project)

  • Consulta Remédios

    Maintenance of the current website and finishing the development of the new one. Taking care of the transition.

    Consulta remedios
  • Dinda

    Flash Sales e-commerce companion for (Rails/greenfield project)

  • Riot Games CBLOL app

    iOS and Android apps built with React Native for players to check out the Brazilian LoL Championship. It's been installed hundreds of thousands of times already.

    Cblol cm42
  • eduK

    eLearning portal to replace the legacy Buzzero (Rails/greenfield project)

  • iFood

    Front-end development of the new iFood help system using React.js and Typescript

    Cm42 ifood
  • Westfield Labs

    One of the largest projects we managed, with several teams building Rails-based APIs for many of Westfield Mall's services, from product catalogue, to consumer management, to parking and more.

    Cm42 westfield
  • Walljobs

    Rescuing, finishing, releasing and maintaining this fledgling Job Board website

  • Adaptativa - FUVEST

    Joint campaign for FUVEST exam simulator (2014) (Rails/greenfield/infrastructure)

    Adaptativa fuvest 2014


Every company needs a great set of software applications. We can provide you the best of breed in terms of productivity, code quality and product life cycle, user experience, efficient processes, team formation. Get to know some of our clients.

  • Intensimed
  • Officer Distribuidora
  • Diagnostycos
  • Bio Ritmo
  • GoDaddy
  • Olook
  • Leroy Merlin
  • Lumini
  • NEO4J
  • Umanni
  • Locaweb
  • 99jobs
  • fromAtoB
  • Folha de São Paulo
  • Cyanna
  • Moema Tem
  • Kitado
  • GuiaBolso
  • iFood
  • Stars Premium
  • Bidu
  • Semaphore
  • Consulta Remédios
  • Biva
  • cubo
  • Westfield Labs
  • Portabilis
  • Redpoint e.Ventures
  • Cidade Democrática
  • Data Folha
  • Revmob
  • CotaBest
  • UOL Pagseguro
  • BlinkBid
  • Facebook
  • Editora Saraiva
  • Tile App
  • Vote na Web
  • Cálculo Jurídico
  • AppHere
  • Solvian
  • eduK
  • Medicinia
  • Badabum
  • Lumera
  • AD Digital
  • Instituto Natura
  • iQuilibrio
  • Pipefy
  • Banco Sofisa Direto
  • Mojo Lingo
  • Walmart
  • Minuto Seguros
  • Magazine Luiza
  • CoinWISE
  • InvestMind
  • ADTsys
  • Bicos Online
  • Présumé
  • GAS Tecnologia
  • Tener
  • Stone
  • Adaptativa
  • ESPN Brasil
  • A Lavadeira
  • Callix
  • Dinda (
  • Fundação Estudar
  • Tim
  • Amgen
  • Riot Games Brasil
  • Trindade Investimentos


"Genius is the gold in the mine; talent is the miner who works and brings it out."

Lady Blessington

Codeminer 42 is a Brazilian software boutique focused in delivering the best value for its customers. We started the operation at September of 2011 and so far we have expanded to 11 different cities in Brazil with the best professionals we can find.

Our speciality is Ruby on Rails web development and it's surrounding ecosystem - that includes cutting edge new technologies -, we are very experienced in delivering all kinds of tech products such as e-commerce, e-learning, social networks, content management systems, processes automation.

We have worked for small and big companies, we offer an assortment of services that goes from greenfield project development life cycle, legacy projects rescue, nearshore outsourcing, and so on.

If you want to have not only a great web application in production but also improve your software development processes and quality assurance, we can help.

What we do


You will have a predictable cost and an expected delivery date and we will manage the implementation using Agile best practices. The Scope is variable and we frequently reassess what's to be built, so you have the software you really need at the end.

Ideal for companies that don’t have an internal development team.

Team Augmentation

We identify the best team to help you achieve your goals.

Sometimes you already have an internal core team that needs to tackle more than they can implement until certain deadlines. The best thing to do is divide to conquer. Leave the core team doing the core software and add us to help on new features, extensions, maintenance, in order to meet the required deadlines. We will work within your Agile processes, together with your team.

Ideal for companies with an established internal team.

Technical Assessment

You have a big operation and want to make sure you're using the best practices.

This is specially useful to understand how your internal software development processes and outcomes are. The idea behind a technical assessment is to give you enough information so you understand it's life cycle, productivity levels, quality levels of the software being produced, and recommendation on how to improve.

Companies that maintain their own software.

Project Rescue

You want to bring health back to your product.

You already have source code implemented either already in production or not, but you're insecure if it's done in a safe, quality, and/or scalable way and you need to make sure you can keep adding new features and growing your userbase without unfortunate surprises. We can fix your project and bring it back to life.

Companies that are terminating with another 3rd party and need a reliable partnership.

Who we are

We are miners.

Deliver value in any project is a very hard process. As software developers we strive to deliver not only well written code, but code that delivers real value to each client.

It's not good enough to just be concerned with code for code's sake, but to deliver code that solves real problems and delivers real value. And this is the mission that we, as miners, will keep digging deeper to achieve.

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    João Mangilli
  • Ricardo
    Ricardo Eihara
  • Jonathan
    Jonathan Bruno
  • Foto code
    Renan Bona
  • Albarnaz
    Fabrício Albarnaz
  • Vanessa
    Vanessa Oliveira
    Assistente Administrativa
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    Thiago Araújo
  • Dsc02765
    Gabriel Sobrinho
  • Profile moises
    Moisés Rodrigues
    Dev e abridor de mares nas horas vagas
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    Hélio Junior
    "Keep calm and I'm developer"
  • Fladson
    Fladson Gomes
  • Elma
    Elma Santos
  • Alex roberto correa
    Alex Roberto
  • Felipe flores 170x170
    Felipe Flores
  • Foto ju fixed
    Juliana Negreiros
    Batmão nas horas vagas
  • Willame soares
    Will Soares
  • Sergio
    Sérgio Murilo Varela
  • 14362964
    Sarah Raquel
    Food enthusiast and developer
  • Jonatas
    Jonatas Rancan
    Motociclista e Developer
  • Luisgois
    Lucas Gois
  • Hayssa
    Hayssa Costa
  • Photo 2018 05 01 10 52 07
    Leonardo Negreiros
    Dev e Surfista de marola
  • Avatar
    Lairton Lelis
    Morango do cerrado
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    Samuel Flores
    CDD - Coffee Driven Development
  • Eu 2014 pb
    Paulo Diovani
    “I’ä! I’ä! Cthulhu Fhtagn!”
  • Patricia
    Patricia Bastos
    git rebase -i HEAD~1 "rspec you must!"
  • Abner
    Abner Alves
  • Felipe nolleto nascimento   perfil
    Felipe Nolleto
    "expect( life ).toBe( awesome )"
  • Braf
    Bruno Amaral
    Performing Site Reliability Engineering
  • Img 20170510 wa0001
    Iago Dahlem
    "Developer and open source enthusiastic"
  • 11076216 621772831289031 4050640893118626412 n
    Vinicius Almeida
    For the HORDE!
  • Rodrigo ulisses
    Rodrigo Ulisses
  • Lucas
    Lucas de Assis
    Developer, Committed to people
  • Rodrigo virgilio
    Rodrigo Virgílio
  • Avatar
    Augusto Foletto
  • Foto
    Jhony Taveira
  • Carlos
    Carlos Lopes
    Señor Developer Campineiro
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    Ronaldo Araújo
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    Luca Oliveira
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    Wender Jean
  • Jullia5
    Jullia Saad
    Front-end developer
  • Andre
    André Pereira
  • Juarez
    Juarez Lustosa
  • Uwofchpb 400x400
    Alexandre Karpinski
    Dev 【=◈︿◈=】
  • Guiherme
    Guilherme Moreira
    Faz código e doces, encomende o seu
  • Img 20160112 162404292
    Cyrus Cavalcante
    Cyrus Black - Order of Phoenix
  • Felipe
    Felipe Soares
    Apreciador de Abacaxis
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    Halan Pinheiro
    Ninja Padeiro (Louco)
  • resizeimage
    Tauan Tathiell
    "Trust me I'm the doctor"
  • Ivan
    Ivan Stumpf
    Developer e apreciador de cervejas
  • Maychell2
    Maychell Oliveira
  • Matheus
    Matheus Azzi
    Filósofo de bar e troll
  • Talysson
    Talysson Oliveira
    JavaScript Defense Attorney
  • 5838414
    Vitor Talaia
    Formula One Fan
  • Romulo
    Romulo Storel
  • Bruno
    Bruno Borges
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    Fabio Akita
    git push --force
  • Marcle rodrigues
    Marcle Rodrigues
  • Thiago alves
    Thiago Alves Luiz
  • Me
    Rauan Assis
  • Tiarly codeminer
    Tiárli Oliveira
    "Tiárli" Brown
  • Alceu
    Alceu Medeiros
  • Marcelo alexandre
    Marcelo Alexandre
  • Bruno.silva
    Bruno Silva
  • Paulo
    Paulo Chaves
  • Rodrigoboniatti
    Rodrigo Boniatti
  • Julio cesar
    Júlio Cesar
    Junk food enthusiast
  • Rodrigo
    Rodrigo Abilheira
    Combinado não é caro
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    Bruno Castanho
    O Cara do Kotlin
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    Bruno Castro
    // TODO : Write a cool description about me
  • Alessandro
    Alessandro Dias
    Comentador de PR
  • Dieggo faustino
    Diêggo Faustino
    Tto infinity and beyond
  • Davidsilveira
    David Silveira

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