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About Codeminer

Codeminer42 is a Brazilian software boutique focused on delivering the best value for its customers. We started operating in September 2011, working ever since then with the most professional and competent developers we can find.

Our challenges

We are miners.

Delivering value into any project is an arduous process. As software developers we thrive to deliver not only well written code, but code which provides real value to each client.

It’s not enough to deliver code by itself, but code which solves real world problems and which provides real value. That’s a mission that we, as miners, will continue to dig deep to achieve.

Your challenges

At Codeminer42, you will have the opportunity to work in many different kinds of projects, with a huge array of technologies and an incredible team of amazing people who will always be ready to help you with anything you need. We encourage dialogue and knowledge sharing, and we also stand up for open-source development.

Some of the challenges you will encounter in this journey:

  • Working in highly diverse teams;
  • Actively seeking for new technologies and knowledge;
  • Being eager to adapt. We encourage learning, and looking for knowledge;
  • Communication skills are of great importance.


  • São Paulo
  • Novo Hamburgo
  • Natal
  • Poços de Caldas
  • Teresina
  • Anápolis
  • Ribeirão Preto
  • Guarapuava
  • Santa Maria
  • Goiânia
  • João Pessoa
  • Campinas

Required Skills

  • Basic Knowledge in web development;

  • Being interested in improving your skills through practicing in a variety of projects, including open-source and clients’ projects;

  • Be enrolled in an IT course through a university, finished or after the last four semesters;

  • Availability of 6 hours a day from Monday through Friday;

  • Advanced English language skills. We supply services to many international clients, and therefore, comprehension and conversations are of extreme necessity. English language skills are of great importance and will be evaluated in your application process.
Bonus skills
  • Javascript or Ruby skills;
  • Familiarity with Git/Github;
  • Knowledge on UI/UX.


  • Meal Ticket;
  • Transportation Voucher;
  • Friendly work environment;
  • Access to books and learning resources platforms.

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