As software developers we strive to deliver not only well written code, but code that delivers real value to each client.

We are Codeminer42

Codeminer42 is a Brazilian software boutique focused on delivering the best value for its customers. We started operations in September 2011, working ever since then with the most professional and competent developers we could find.

Our specialty is web development using cutting edge new technologies. We are very experienced in delivering all kinds of tech products, such as e-commerce, e-learning, social networks, content management systems and process automation.

We have worked for small and big companies, offering an assortment of services that range from greenfield project development life cycle to legacy project rescues, nearshore outsourcing, and so on.

If you want to have not only a great web application in production but also improve your software development processes and quality assurance, we can help.

What we do

Team Augmentation

We identify the best team to help you achieve your goals.

You might already have an internal core team that needs to tackle more than they can implement until certain deadlines. The best thing to do in this case is to divide and conquer. Leave the core team doing the core software and bring in some help from us on new features, extensions and maintenance, in order to meet the required deadlines. We will work within your agile processes, together with your team.


Evaluate an engineer before fully committing to hiring them.

Trying to hire tech talent too quickly in today's market can have unintended consequences. We offer a service that helps you with this process. It allows you to evaluate how a developer integrates with your organization, assess their work quality, and then decide if they're a good fit as a full-time employee.


Our team take care of all the development of your project.

You will have a predictable cost and an expected delivery date and we will manage the implementation using agile best practices. The scope is variable and we frequently reassess what's to be built, so you have the software you really need at the end.

Technical Assessment

You have a big operation and want to make sure you are using the best practices.

This is especially useful to understand how your internal software development processes and outcomes work. The idea behind a technical assessment is giving you enough information so you understand your life cycle, productivity levels and quality levels of the software being produced. With this, you will also get advice on how to improve.


Our Team

Criador de bugs fulltime
Colour my life with the caos of trouble
Solving problem on line 47..
Combinado não é caro
Web Developer, Ruby Lover and Dovahkiin
Programador e matemático
code && cats && rpg
Box-to-box Developer
Otaku nas horas vagas
Barbecue for fun and developer for life
trem bão developer
Faxineiro de commits
dev lolsinho de cria
“I’ä! I’ä! Cthulhu Fhtagn!”
Dev que não gosta de café
Estagiário de Opensource
I want my Pressca
Tem que escrever algo aqui?
Eterno Aprendiz
Desenvolvedor de códigos bonitos
Señor Developer Campineiro
bundle exec jogar boardgame:hoje
Mestre Pokemon nas horas vagas
dev descabelada && doida dos dog
Persistent Developer
Tem café aqui?
Art and technology lover
dev agar
Cyrus Black - Order of Phoenix
git rebase -i HEAD~1 "rspec you must!"
sudo apt-get install tauant
Dev agro
JavaScript Defense Attorney
Filósofo de bar e troll
Dev e Surfista de marola
Assistente Administrativa
React Fanboy
ls -la
Ninja Padeiro (Louco)
Comentador de PR
ja mando
Ativista radical de Open Source
Developer que finge tocar violão
Programar, correr e jogar!
Trust me, I'm a Computer Engineer
Developer do interior
Boleiro e Coder
Dev 【=◈︿◈=】
Usar gambiarra na gambiarra, anula a gambiarra?
CDD - Coffee Driven Development
Dev e apreciador de cerveja
Dev baixando atualização
Developer do interior
Narrador apocalíptico de RPG
Programador de trocadilhos
Web Developer
Dev && fanboy de jogo indie
"expect( life ).toBe( awesome )"
Dev Platinado
λf.(λx.f(xx)) (λx.f(xx))) so serious?
git push --force
Dev quase poliglota

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